We recently had a full house renovation done by St Andrews Constructions. This is our third major renovation and we have to say it was the easiest and smoothest job done yet.

St Andrews Constructions experience in project management shines through and their eye for detail and getting on top of issues is incredible. Nothing was too hard for them making it easy for us to communicate our thoughts and ideas without fuss, this gave us a real sense of trust and security… something that is often hard to find with builders.

Their time management is meticulous and they kept us informed all the way through so that we knew what was happening and when it was happening.

We added a few things along the way and the finish timeframe still stayed the same…. unheard of in my experience with other builders !

They are very thoughtful about the intrusion that renovating and building can be on family life and they are always checking on the welfare and happiness of the whole family including any fur babies you may have.

St Andrews have only the friendliest and best workman on site, they were all very respectful and did a fantastic job leaving us very happy and content all the way through the build.

At the end of the project the house was thoroughly cleaned and ready for furniture placement making the flow back to normal life a breeze… not forgetting the excitement of having a beautifully finished home.

We now have the house of our dreams thanks to the team from St Andrews Constructions,

Cheers Darren and Cathy Coster

19 Kingsgate Dr Tinbeerwah.