My wife and I had the good fortune of having our Resort manager recommend Steve for a relatively minor renovation we needed soon after purchasing a 2-bedroom unit in The Cove Resort. Our satisfaction with the way this was carried out made it very simple for us to engage Steve for a complete reconstruction of the interiors of the property in 2021.

My background as a Nominated Responsible Architect within my own practice for over 50 years has obviously put me in a position of making assessments of the various abilities of all the participants in construction projects and in this instance St Andrews Constructions stood out as the obvious choice to be our Builder. I have always been very hesitant in making recommendations; however, Steve has ticked so many boxes in terms of all round ability that I wholeheartedly stand behind my testimony.

For instance, as is commonly found in aged buildings, walls, floors, and ceilings have generally suffered in terms of trueness and alignment and this is generally not covered in documentation but surfaces during the construction process. This situation came to light during our project and credit to Steve he absorbed a considerable amount of additional work at no additional charge to make sure his clients were not disappointed at the end of the day.

Overall, my wife and I can now sit back and enjoy what Steve has orchestrated and I can safely say there is not one aspect of the job that falls short of “perfection”.