Hi Steve,

The end product is better than what I had envisaged. You were able to listen to my ideas on what I wanted and make them a reality with more attention to the final finish than I had expected

One of the fears of most people who renovate is what the hidden costs may be once unknown aspects of the existing building come to light during the construction. You were ahead of the game in predicting what some of those issues could be and quick to inform me of what the implications could be once they were confirmed. This took a lot of stress out of the realisation of the project as, like most people, we were on a tight budget.

From the outset you informed me that one of your expectations in managing construction was constant and honest communication between the builder and the client. To this end you phoned me regularly to inform me of what was happening and what would happen next. Also, all adjustments or changes to the initial design and selection of hardwares, tiles, paint colours etc. were discussed before being executed.
Another aspect of such projects that can cause stress for clients is not knowing how the costs of the project are going and what further costs might occur due to changes etc. however I found that all official communications regarding costs and compliance matters were handled expertly and professionally.

So, Steve, I couldn’t be happier with the project that you realised for me. It is proving to be very comfortable and practical and a great improvement to the twenty-five year old house. Many thanks for your own gentle, knowledgeable and professional competency and management of this project. I am most grateful.

Bill Selden
Pacific Avenue, Sunshine Beach