We have a home that was about 3 decades old when we decided to have it renovated. It was a double brick – brick inside and out. Very little had been done to it since its original build, except a small renovation in the 1990’s.
The renovation was going to be an extensive one, and one that required a lot of skill. It is so much easier to build a new house than to renovate an old one. There is the constraint of the original footprint and structural walls to work within. We approached at least six builders. And only two of them were even prepared to take it on or give a quote. Obviously, it was going to be a challenge for any normal builder. We needed a builder that had lots of experience in renovation.
This is where Steven came in. He had had lots of experience renovating old homes. There renovation is more likely the case than a new build. Steven had the experience we needed for this “difficult” renovation and the skill. So he took the plunge.
We are so pleased with the result. It was the easiest build we have ever had and that was due primarily to Steven. In fact the build was a pleasure. It was exciting and fun. I have never been able to say that of any of our builds in the past!
Steven is a great communicator. He kept us in the loop and regularly consulted with us. He anticipated issues and made suggestions based on his experience. It came to the stage that we so trusted Steven’s recommendations that we felt that they would be the sensible choice without question. If we had any concerns or questions, Steven was very open to discussion, easy to negotiate with and solution oriented.
Steven has great organisational skills. He monitored his staff, deliveries and lead times so that the flow of work continued smoothly. Steven’s high standard of communication also came to the fore with his staff, whom he managed firmly but fairly.
Steven had a good team working with him. From the carpenters, plumbers, the siliconer and so forth.
We were extremely happy with the quality of the work. It is solid craftsmanship that is made to last. Steven consistently gave us ideas where he thought there may be better way to do something. And if a product was not up to standard, he was very keen to get the problem sorted so that a high-quality result could be maintained.
Steven is a man of his word. If he says he is going to do something … he will.
Steven is very trustworthy. We went overseas during the build, having sorted what we anticipated would need to be done. And the issues that did arrive while we were absent Steven solved independently of us. We trusted his decisions.
We highly recommend Steven as a quality builder for a difficult renovation. We would have Steven build for us again with pleasure.

Lestar Manning